Earn a Six-Figure Income Promoting A Genuine Cryptocurrency Trading Education Platform

 (The only high-ticket affiliate program that pays you thousands of dollars per year, for helping people make money trading crypto) 

Blockchain Education Live pays 50% commissions on monthly & annual memberships! You can earn thousands of dollars by referring just a few people to our crypto trading platform. We over-deliver in 3 key areas:

Instant Approval • JVzoo High-Ticket Commissions • Low Refunds • Over $450k paid so far!

A genuine 'High-Ticket' crypto offer

Hi – I’m Johnathan Regan, co-founder at Blockchain Education Live. Thanks for considering our high-paying crypto affiliate program 🙂

My team and I teach ordinary folks how to earn consistent weekly profits trading crypto. We’ve privately taught thousands of people since 2017, and paid $450,000+ USD in commissions so far …

Keep reading to learn why we’re the #1 high-ticket crypto affiliate program online, and a perfect fit for your crypto related audience.

Earn Thousands Every Month ...

•  Our affiliate offers pay 50% commissions on monthly and annual memberships
•  Blockchain Education Live customers train with us for over six months on average
•  Monthly and Annual affiliate programs are provided through JVzoo (it’s free to join!)
•  Access pre-written content, graphical creatives & crypto marketing materials here
•  Do you need custom-designed content, specific to your audience? Let us know.

Our high-ticket crypto affiliate program has been authorized by the JVzoo compliance department and we work with Stripe & Paypal to ensure our affiliates get paid quickly.

We operate a fully regulated, legitimate education company located in Australia and you WILL get paid for promoting our crypto trading education program. If you have any questions, just open a support ticket and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Instant Approval • JVzoo High-Ticket Commissions • Low Refunds • Over $450k paid so far!

Your Six-Figure Affiliate Opportunity

Over 150 million people have joined international exchanges, and most of these people have NO IDEA how to trade crypto.

Would an extra $500 a week improve your life? (New car payment?)

How about an extra $2,000 a week? (working less than part-time?)

Imagine earning an extra $30,000 every month. You can earn that and more …

50% Commissions

By referring crypto uusers to our trading service and you will get paid 50% of their monthly or annual fees, for as long as they remain an active customer …

You actually earn more money per referred customer than we do …

PLUS … we do all the hard work closing the deal, maintaining good relationships, supporting new members as they learn how to trade – and most importantly … we maintain your monthly or annual commissions for as long as they remain.

Instant Approval • JVzoo High-Ticket Commissions • Low Refunds • Over $450k paid so far!

What Can We Do To Help You Earn?

We have a team of expert copywriters, graphic designers, coders, video editors and more … PLUS we are good on camera. If you have an audience, we can offer value.

Our general strategy is simple. We fully believe that digital currencies are speculative, highly volatile assets that can be bought and sold at specific times to create profit.

This is not about “set & forget” investing. This is about actively monitoring global markets looking for correct early entries, and highly profitable trading exits.

Our trading methodology, support systems and automated trading tools give our members are MASSIVE EDGE over other less sophisticated traders which represent 99% of the crypto markets. Once you learn how to trade, making money is easy …

Instant Approval • JVzoo High-Ticket Commissions • Low Refunds • Over $450k paid so far!

Refer people and earn commissions month after month (year after year) Members stay long-term because we teach them how to trade consistently.

Our crypto trading methodology is 100% proven and works in every type of cryptocurrency market.

(While everyone else was ‘freaking out’ about bitcoin dropping over 80% in 12 months, we simply didn’t care)

Because our system finds incredible digital assets that increase over 50% a week – even in global downtrends!

Want to see some recent trading results, pulled directly from our backend crypto trading platform?

Check out these active trades – we know how to find them in real time (every time!)

Our high-ticket crypto affiliate program will become your best source of income!

Send us 20 customers and you will earn more than $20,000 in commissions through JVzoo (payment via Paypal, wire transfer etc)

Not sure? Listen – we understand. This entire industry is a cesspool of scammers … which is why we have gone to such extraordinary lengths to offer this affiliate program.

Paypal, Stripe, JVzoo, our local bank, the Australian government – they’re on OUR SIDE. We don’t hide behind crypto nicknames or fake companies. We’re proud to offer such a service and keen to pay crypto influencers. We want you to become our next affiliate!

3 Keys To Your Success

1) EDUCATION : Tell your audience that we will teach them how to profitably trade.

2) SOFTWARE : Explain that we built custom software that automates the difficult stuff.

3) SUPPORT : Remind them that we have a dedicated team that will help them succeed.

We want to meet you! Come to a Zoom meeting and let’s chat! Contact us here

If you’ve built a “crypto-aware” audience, then we’re super keen to chat to you on Zoom. We will explain how our platform will massively benefit you and your audience members.

And how you stand to earn a small fortune simply by referring customers to our genuine high-ticket crypto affiliate program.

Instant Approval • JVzoo High-Ticket Commissions • Low Refunds • Over $450k paid so far!

FINALLY - Now you can promote a legitimate crypto training platform and get massive 50% commissions!

You can do this! YOU CAN. You can become an ultra profitable affiliate promoting a world-class crypto training product! This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make money …

Our entire team is standing by, ready to help. We can provide you with creatives, pre-written content, videos, and interview content as well as custom marketing materials based on your needs.

We’re 100% dedicated to your success and will do everything we can to help you close sales. Feel free to reach out to us to setup a private webinar just for you and your audience. We will close them for you, while you attend and interact with our team live!

You can literally earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per month by promoting a legitimate crypto affiliate program! All payments are made direct to you via JVzoo and you WILL get paid. We have worked so hard to stand above our competition!

Your audience needs our help! We have a long and successful track record of helping ordinary folks become master crypto day traders. We have an entire dedicated team that works on a personal level with members inside our community. This means anyone you refer to us will stick with us longer. That means you earn commissions over and over again …

We have long-running private affiliates who have been earning money with us for over 4 years because the members they originally referred are STILL trading with us! That means they’re STILL earning monthly commissions with us! What a payoff!

Instant Approval • JVzoo High-Ticket Commissions • Low Refunds • Over $450k paid so far!

What do your referrals get?

Still Unsure? Meet us!

Listen – we understand why you might be a little skeptical …

The crypto industry is literally packed with scammers.

We understand the effort you put into building your “crypto-aware” audience. All that time, money, and energy you invested must be rewarded, and we are ready to help you immediately. We would love to chat face-to-face on Zoom or Skype if that works for you! Just shoot us an email and let’s work together!

Let’s consider the drawbacks of doing nothing and refusing to take action …

If you decide NOT to promote us, then your life will stay exactly the same. You’ll be stuck in the same loop, with the same financial struggles and limited opportunities. Always hunting for new sponsors or low-paying crypto offers that are basically scams.

But if you decide to join our affiliate program (for free!) and take control of your financial future, the upside possibilities are just ENDLESS. By providing your referred customers the right education, advanced trading software, and personalized support, you will have done them a tremendous favor. In fact, they will remember you as the influencer that helped to change their life!

Instant Approval • JVzoo High-Ticket Commissions • Low Refunds • Over $450k paid so far!

Unlimited Upside ...

And with the crypto industry growing at an unprecedented rate, now is the perfect time to take action and start realizing your financial goals for 2023.

Imagine what it will feel like when you start earning money, by successfully referring people to a legitimate crypto trading education service. You will get paid 50% (which is even more than us) just for doing the right thing!

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