Learn How To Make Money Trading Crypto in Good Times, Bad Times, Even Great Depressions

The only education company that helps you establish a consistent online income by teaching, supporting & optimizing your crypto trading …

Blockchain Education Live helps ordinary folks earn life-changing income, buying & selling cryptocurrency at the correct time. Our proven methodology guides the decisions of thousands of traders and combines 3 simple concepts:

Live Crypto Trading Webinars (real-time trading, analysis & training)
Personalized ‘1-to-1’ trading mentorship (no one else can offer this!)
Premium Video Training Library (learn everything from start to finish)
Crypto Market Analysis Software (we find you the best trades to take)

We Help You Make Money Trading

Hi – my name is Johnathan Regan

For the last six years, I’ve run a private Australian training company that shows people how to earn consistent daily profits trading cryptocurrency.

We’re the ONLY company that regularly identifies cryptocurrencies that double, triple, or 10x their value in just days  (Even in down-trending markets, crowded with beginners with no idea how to trade …)

Before I reveal our ‘one-of-a-kind’ system – consider this wild idea …

Everything Popular is WRONG

An unfortunate truth is – ordinary folks often lose money in the crypto industry

The general public tends to follow “popular” advice – which is often WRONG.

Do you know someone who lost money, or got scammed in this industry?

Probably. But it certainly doesn’t have to be that way for you …

With the right knowledge, software, and support systems – YOU can learn how to earn a consistent cryptocurrency trading income AND avoid all the scammers.

Your Trillion Dollar Opportunity ...

Over 300 billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency is traded every month, and with the right training, software tools and support, YOU can start earning a consistent crypto trading income!

Would an extra $250 a week improve your life? (New car payment?)

How about an extra $1,000 a week? (working less than part-time?)

Imagine earning an extra $30,000 every month. The key is consistency.

Consistent Profits

Cryptocurrency traders earn big money, but the benefits don’t end there …

Compared to other online money-making methods, cryptocurrency trading is EASY and the upside profit potential is simply astonishing. Building a crypto trading income gives you extra time to spend with your family, and live your “laptop lifestyle” dream.

Yes. We know how amazing this all sounds … in fact, we make it happen.

During the last six years, we quietly taught thousands of people a profitable and repeatable framework to generate a consistent income trading crypto.

Since mid-2017, our community has traded tens of millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency at the world’s largest exchanges with our guidance. We also ran hundreds of live trading webinars to help our members make money.

Our team answered thousands of questions in real-time and members posted 1.3 million messages inside our private chat system. The question becomes …

Is Crypto Trading Still Profitable?

Short answer – yes (VERY). But to make big money, your timing must be perfect.

It’s all about finding secret ‘trading windows’, where super cash-rich hedge funds and smart money compete. We know exactly how to find these trading windows.

With the right tools and training, you too can tag along and earn incredible profits, while the big dogs throw money around. In fact, hundreds of thousands of crypto traders are earning incredible returns (RIGHT NOW!) as you read this website …

Jaw-Dropping Returns

479% on BNB in just 96 days!

Multiple entries. Crypto traders made serious money on these incredible trades!

4,022% on SNM in only 72 days ...

Fast gains that helped active cryptocurrency traders TRIPLE their portfolio value.

1,507% on VIB/ETH in just 23 days!

A super profitable run highlighted in our live webinars (week after week).

1,461% on NEBL in less than 3 months

Trading windows like this can 10x your money. Just ask our long-term members …

1,935% on PHB in a few short weeks ...

Another trading window our framework detected. This trade quintupled in value in days!

Imagine having 24/7 access to private trading software, that finds the best crypto trades BEFORE they rapidly increase in price ...

That sort of information could help you earn thousands of dollars by buying and selling crypto right?

To give you an idea of the opportunities still left in this industry – check out the live trades below.

Our members have already made money on these exact same trading windows this month.

Would you like advance warning about these types of crypto trades every day?

Many of these early opportunity trading windows remain open & profitable!

Crypto trading can become your best source of income, once you have the right knowledge, software & support

When you know how to find these trading windows – it becomes very easy to buy specific cryptocurrencies BEFORE they increase in value. In fact, our custom-built market analysis platform runs 24/7 to locate EVERY trading opportunity for you!

But the truth is … it cost us a fortune to learn how the industry “really” works,
and your success as a cryptocurrency trader still depends on a few ideas …

3 Keys To Your Success

1) EDUCATION : How to find trading opportunities and how to claim your profits.

2) SOFTWARE : How to identify incredible trading opportunities using software.

3) SUPPORT : How to leverage the experience of others to make more money.

Just remember what I said above ok? Everything popular is wrong.

If you’re trying to make money alone in this industry – you are doing it wrong.

If you’re trying to trade without specialized software, then you’re doing it Wrong.

If you’re trying without the right education. Guess what? You are doing it WRONG!

If you’ve lost money in the crypto industry in the past, then congratulations – you just found the best way to recoup all of your money (and plenty more!)

Ordinary Folks. Extraordinary Results

If we provide ALL the crypto trading education, software tools & support you could ever need …
AND … if we dedicate an entire team to help you make money – would you give our service a try?

Show Me The Undeniable Proof

Our standard ‘Here’s all the proof you need’ strategy, is to get you to attend one of our live webinars. We PROVE TO YOU exactly how easily you can make money in volatile markets by identifying & profiting from the trading windows.

Join today risk-free for a full 7 days. Attend our live training webinars and learn how our system actually works. See real-time results, discuss trading with our team, and watch in amazement as our platform finds the best coins.

That’s right … we offer a full 7-day money-back guarantee … which gives you enough time to attend a live webinar, start learning AND make money. Check us out and you will quickly realize no one offers this level of service
(at any price point). Still concerned, check out these fancy green dot points:

Join as a monthly member!
Join as a monthly member!

Consistent Profits Since 2017

We Make It Super Easy For You

We spent over a million dollars, building a world-class crypto analysis platform that will find trades for you!

We also reveal how everything works. No secrets. If you want “Do It Yourself”, then you can learn technical analysis.

In fact, we have 200+ hours of premium video training on that topic alone. Our team has traded millions of dollars in the last 6 years and we know HOW to profitably trade.

We’ve taught complete beginners from scratch, as well as 82-year-olds and even young adults still in school!

You don’t need special skills to become a consistent cryptocurrency trader. We will train you from start to finish. If you want to make money in this industry, then you need a proven system. (That’s just what we built!)

Ready to get started? There are 3 keys to your success.

Dedicated to your success ...

By now, you should realize it’s possible to earn thousands of dollars trading crypto, as long as your timing is correct.

The question then becomes … what do you personally need to actually make this happen? The absolute first thing you must understand is … this is not really about bitcoin.

Bitcoin is just one cryptocurrency that gets the most media attention. Our system actually scans hundreds of different cryptocurrency markets to find trading windows for you … 

Just don’t fixate entirely on the bitcoin price ok?

The second thing to consider is this … without a proven framework, you will probably fail. You need a set of rules, a software system, and a support network to succeed.

We’ve spent millions of dollars and six years refining our framework so let’s examine our 3 services below. You will learn exactly what you need to achieve success in this industry, and how we can provide that to you in 2023.


Super engaging online videos
and weekly live training webinars
help you dominate other crypto traders

Join the #1 crypto education platform and “Learn How To Earn”
You won’t find mumbo-jumbo, silly claims, or outrageous predictions. What you will find is a time-tested, proven trading methodology that helps you earn a consistent cryptocurrency based income.

We’ve taught this exact same system to thousands of people since 2017. It has made a stunning impact on their lives and we want YOU to tap into this same success. The opportunity is only getting started!

Ready To Start?

Join beginners, experts, professionals, students, parents, members from all around the world, and everything in between. Our library is crammed with practical, “on-the-job” video-based training content.

Get up close and personal with experienced trading mentors. The private chat platform operates 24/7, staffed by endorsed analysts, senior members, and traders. Tap into their advice!

The chat platform is truly massive, hosting over 1.5 million unique messages. You can search through the last 6 years, to learn about trades, or read thousands of crypto conversations.

Discover tens of thousands of hand-drawn trading charts that display a proven trading methodology. Request updates on cryptocurrencies and trades.

Analysts will also support your learning and can even test your observations. It’s like having your own giant crypto trading classroom in the sky!

Join as a monthly member!
Join as a monthly member!
“Massive game changer”
“This platform has proven to be a massive game changer for me. The GOLD is in the extensive knowledge we get …”
Carmen Walker
New Zealand

“Tripled my portfolio”

“The information I found here helped me grow my portfolio in six weeks. I can see why people follow the system closely”
Richard Lohe
Hong Kong
“Made me more confident”
“We have amazing areas for learning, at our own level and pace. It’s all made me feel so much more confident”
Lyn Hoffman
“It’s simply insane!”
“I made more money this month than all through 2020. The training videos and the discovery engine. It’s simply insane!”
Anthony Celtrin
South Africa


24/7 unlimited access to custom-built market analysis software, that locates the best trades BEFORE they happen!

With our help, cryptocurrency trading becomes so much EASIER.

Our software constantly searches for the perfect “early entry” trades for you. It never sleeps, and the results are shown inside your private trading dashboard. From here, you can trade the best trades possible.

Smarter Trading

If the market moves and there’s an opportunity to MAKE MONEY, then the system will detect, filter and reveal those trades to you …

This has occurred year after year, allowing members to rake in profits that defy common sense since 2017. But that’s not all …

You can optimize your trading without ever handing over custody of your funds. Just relax as the market changes, confident in your trading decisions. It will astonish you.
Our platform operates 24/7, to help you make informed trading decisions (like when to buy and sell your crypto). You can optimize your trade decision making and our system and support teams will help you make money.
Your cryptocurrency remains secure inside your account, and our trading software works with the world’s largest, most secure cryptocurrency exchanges. (Binance and Binance.US, Coinbase and Coinbase Pro, Kucoin and based in Europe)
Our trading software has been built entirely from scratch. Our clients have already traded over $500 million dollars worth of volatile cryptocurrencies since 2017.

During that time, our trade discovery system identified hundreds of thousands of trades and we never charged additional fees and we never took custody of client funds (EVER!). Your funds remain in YOUR account.

We don’t profit from your trading activity, therefore we hold zero conflict of interest. This makes our service extremely unique. There are no tricks and we actually CARE about your cryptocurrency trading results …

“My son loves my trades”
“This is a nice family place. I like the quiet videos and I have learned many things. My son loves my trades. Now he wants to join!”
Julieta Ferreira
“Better than I expected”
“These guys are the real thing. The weekly webinars are much better than I expected. They know how to make money trading. “
Charles Rundle
United States
“Made steady money”
“I started 5 months ago and I have made steady money ever since. A big thanks to Robert for his personal help”
Thomas Lehrer
“A life changer for me”
“Asitha jumped on a zoom call and I will be starting in about four days. I can already tell this will be a life changer for me”  
Aline Oliveira


'One-to-One' personal training
and a private chat platform helps
you eliminate crypto trading anxiety

Trading stress can directly affect you, so outsource your anxiety to our trading platform and support team. It’s safe to say “we’ve seen it all” … the ups and downs, sideways sections, the swings, and the incredible all-time highs.

Our experienced team of traders, mentors, and analysts are uniquely positioned to provide you with advice at a moment’s notice. Our twice-weekly live webinars provide real-time market updates and valuable trading advice.

If you prefer to “Do it yourself” – then our online video library contains hundreds of hours of high-quality training videos, and our support team is ready to answer your questions.


But if you want direct, “in the trenches” trading help – then we are ready to get our hands real dirty with you, including personal help, remote training, and group work …

Our entire agenda is to help you make money – so take advantage of our experienced mentoring team! You can ask questions in our private chat community, through our dedicated support desk, and even in person.

Grill us in real-time at our live training webinar, through our comment system, or even in person, at our offline events.
You never need to trade alone again. Now, you have an entire support team at your disposal. Get a second opinion.
Ask for help concerning your portfolio. Get a tune-up on your technical analysis or just share your jokes and have fun as part of a growing team of like-minded individuals.
We host our private community and we are winners. You are invited to join a group that continues to strengthen each and every quarter. We want you to help us become the most successful crypto trading group on the planet!
Join as a monthly member!
Join as a monthly member!


You can do this! YOU CAN. You can become a consistent cryptocurrency trader in less than 30 days. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get into the industry.

Our entire team is standing by, ready to help. So are dozens of super helpful long-term members. We spent six years putting together a comprehensive package for someone just like you.

The components of your membership are shown on the right. In our opinion, our estimated “values” are ACCURATE because we never take a cent of your profits. Your upside potential to earn a crypto trading fortune is entirely uncapped …

You could literally earn 5 million dollars, and we would only ever request your monthly or annual fee to remain a member and continue growing your personal cryptocurrency fortune.

Your membership combines the very best crypto education and support AND software. With our help, you can earn a consistent trading income. We over-deliver on value, yet we also provide a premium service at an affordable price.

You can make as much money as you like, and we will never take a commission, or a percentage, or charge you additional fees, or take custody of your crypto. We are the good guys 🙂
$29,779 value per YEAR, but you can join for much less than that! In fact, if you act fast you can join us in 2023 and lock in the low price without worrying about future price hikes …
Go right ahead and select your plan below. You will never get a better opportunity to join our elite crypto trading community.

What's Included?

Blockchain Education Live offers everything you need to master cryptocurrency trading!

Join as a monthly member!
Join as a monthly member!
Your investment today is protected by a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Still Unsure?

Making a financial investment like this can seem overwhelming …

But THOUSANDS of people just like you have faced this exact same situation.

Let’s consider the drawbacks of doing nothing and refusing to take action …

If you decide NOT to join us, your life will stay exactly the same. You’ll be stuck in the same loop, with the same financial struggles and limited opportunities.

But if you decide to join our program and take control of your financial future, the upside possibilities are just ENDLESS. With access to the right education, advanced trading software, and personalized support, you’ll have all the tools and resources you need to succeed in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

Unlimited Upside ...

And with the crypto industry growing at an unprecedented rate, now is the perfect time to take action and start realizing your financial goals for 2023.

Imagine what it will feel like when you start earning money, by successfully trading cryptocurrency. Join thousands of other people and find out today!

Just stick to the plan ok?

To make a consistent, life-changing crypto income, you must prepare yourself. That’s our job. We act like duct tape, that holds everything together for you.

Our education platform offers HD video training content that reveals a unique and proven approach to trading. This knowledge is like your strong, adhesive backing on duct tape. It provides a reliable foundation for your crypto trading.
We also offer twice weekly live webinars that reveal the secrets of the industry and provide real-time early trading entries. These webinars represent the glue that holds together all the “learning & earning” ideas crucial to your success.
And if you want consistency and reliability, we’ve also built multimillion-dollar trading research software that detects early trading windows for you. It’s like an extra layer of duct tape, that provides 24/7 convenience and reliability even in the most volatile (and profitable!) cryptocurrency markets.

Personalized Help ...

You can also access our trading chat platform where members discuss their best money-making trades. You can request personalized feedback from our mentors and professional traders. This is like the social aspect of duct tape – connecting and supporting each other to achieve common goals.
And to top it all off, have a dedicated team standing by, ready to support and help you inside our private community. We will be there to hold everything in place and offer personalized support just when you need it …

So if you’re looking for duct tape to hold everything together, look no further. Our crypto trading platform provides EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCEED.

Everything You Will Need To Master Cryptocurrency Trading​

Join as a monthly member!
Join as a monthly member!

Your investment today is protected by a 7-day money-back guarantee.

P.S. – If you’ve ever wanted to make money trading crypto, then your search is now over …
We provide everything you need – the right education, automation, and optimization systems, and a 24/7 support network. You get everything you need to make money trading crypto 🙂

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